Football Wagers



Arizona Cardinals 2500/1
Atlanta Falcons 600/1
Baltimore Ravens 75/1
Buffalo Bills 13/4
Carolina Panthers 200/1
Chicago Bears 5000/1
Cincinnati Bengals 14/5
Cleveland Browns 300/1
Dallas Cowboys 12/1
Denver Broncos 2000/1
Detroit Lions 330/1
Green Bay Packers 28/1
Houston Texans 5000/1
Indianapolis Colts 1500/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 40/1
Kansas City Chiefs 11/4
Las Vegas Raiders 2000/1
Los Angeles Chargers 12/1
Los Angeles Rams 2250/1
Miami Dolphins 150/1
Minnesota Vikings 40/1
New England Patriots 150/1
New Orleans Saints 500/1
New York Giants 35/1
New York Jets 125/1
Philadelphia Eagles 13/5
Pittsburgh Steelers 180/1
San Francisco 49ers 16/5
Seattle Seahawks 90/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 28/1
Tennessee Titans 200/1
Washington Commanders 100/1


Arizona Cardinals 75/1
Atlanta Falcons 35/1
Carolina Panthers 35/1
Chicago Bears 40/1
Dallas Cowboys 13/2
Detroit Lions 12/1
Green Bay Packers 15/1
Los Angeles Rams 20/1
Minnesota Vikings 20/1
New Orleans Saints 20/1
New York Giants 18/1
Philadelphia Eagles 37/10
San Francisco 49ers 37/10
Seattle Seahawks 30/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 22/1
Washington Commanders 30/1


Baltimore Ravens 13/1
Buffalo Bills 15/4
Cincinnati Bengals 5/1
Cleveland Browns 25/1
Denver Broncos 10/1
Houston Texans 150/1
Indianapolis Colts 50/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 18/1
Kansas City Chiefs 15/4
Las Vegas Raiders 25/1
Los Angeles Chargers 12/1
Miami Dolphins 20/1
New England Patriots 25/1
New York Jets 15/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 27/1
Tennessee Titans 50/1

Football Wagers

Making football wagers online is so easy. There are countless folks just like you who have discovered how easy it is to bet on football games from home. All the tools you need are your trusty computer, a good internet connection and a valid credit card.

To try to start making some serious money on football wagers, just join a reputable sportsbook, read the news or consult your favorite handicappers, pick the football games you like, and wager away. Simple, isn't it?

Here are the different kinds of football wagers:

Straight Wagers

In this kind of bet, the team you bet on must win by the point spread given at the time of the bet. The odds are $1.10 to win $1.00 (-110) unless otherwise indicated. Due to changing events, the point spread may fluctuate at any time.

For example in an NFL point spread bet, let's say you bet $110.00 on Miami -7 to beat Buffalo +7. If Miami wins by more than 7 points, then you win $100.00. Therefore, the total payout including the initial bet, would now be $210.00. If Miami only wins by 7 points then the game is considered "no action" and all money is returned to you. If Miami wins by less than 7 points, then the bet is lost.

Totals (also known as Over/Under Wagers)

If you make this bet, you must lay $1.10 to win $1.00 on whether the actual combined scores of two teams will either be over or under a certain predetermined number, called the total for the game.

For example, let's say you lay $220.00 on the OVER in the Miami vs. Buffalo game. The total for the game is set at 45. If both teams' combined score is more than 45, then you win $200.00. If the combined score is equal to 45, the game is considered "No Action" and the money will be returned to you. If the combined score is less than 45, then you lose the bet.

Of course, if you lay $220.00 on the UNDER in that game and the combined score is less that 45, then you win.

Money Line Wagers

If you make this football wagers, then the team you wagered on just has to win the game. The amount you lay or take for each game may vary. The money line that is read to at the time of your bet is the money line you keep regardless of any line movement.

For example, let's say you bet on Miami -160 at Buffalo +260. If you laid $160.00 and Miami wins, you win $100.00. If you laid $100.00 on Buffalo, then you win $260.00.

Halftime Wagers

A halftime bet is simply a bet only on the score of the first, or second half of a football game. The line offered will be a point spread, a money line, or a combination of the two, but the bet applies only to the score of the halftime period specified.

All bets must go the full half for action (first-half and second-half). All half-time bets are calculated the same as a straight bet unless otherwise indicated. There are no teaser plays or buying of points on half-times. On half time bets the overtime period is included as part of the 2nd half.

Parlays (also known as Multiples)

A parlay is a bet of 2 or more teams (selections) or propositions in no particular order. All teams wagered on in a parlay must win. If there is a tie, the parlay reverts down to the next lowest number for payoff.

For example, if you bet on 4 college football teams, and one ties, the parlay becomes a three team parlay. For a 2-team parlay -- a tie and win becomes a straight bet (-110) payout.


A teaser is a selection of two or more teams in one bet in which the point spread is adjusted in the bettor's favor. The number of teams selected and the number of points selected determines the payout odds. A "Tie" or "No Action" and a "Win" on a two team teaser shall constitute a "No Action" bet. A "Tie" or a "No Action" and a "Loss" on a two team teaser shall constitute a "Losing" bet. Ties on a three or more team teaser shall revert to the next lowest betting bracket. For example a tie on a three-team teaser becomes a two-team teaser.

Futures and Propositions

Future bets are based on the outcome of events that happen each year - like the College Football Playoff National Championship. All bets are final. There will be no payouts until the conclusion of the specified season.

Proposition plays are bets based on the outcome of events. Odds change daily and all bets are considered action for the odds quoted at the time of the bet.

In the event that the selection (person, team, or other) the wagerer bets upon does not participate in the game/event due to injury, etc., no refunds are usually made.