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Football Wagers

Football refers to a number of sports, which particular variation you are referring to depends on where in the world you are.

In Europe, South America and many parts of Asia, Football refers to "Association Football", otherwise known as "Soccer".

In the United States, Football refers to American Football. Meanwhile in Australia, Football is synonymous with Australian Rules Football or "Aussie Rules" or "Footy". In other countries, Football refers to Rugby League or Rugby Union.

Football surely is an exciting sport, whichever variation you’re into. Add a wager or two and the thrill exponentially rises!

In Europe, Football wagers are centered on the UEFA Champions League, where major European Football Clubs compete. Then of course each European country has its on Football League – England has the Premier League, France has Ligue 1, Spain has La Liga, Italy has Serie A, etc. Place a Football Wager now!

In the United States, National Football League and College Football games are at the heart of Football Wagers. Place an American Football Wager now!

In Australia, Football Wagers are focused on the Australian Football League, the National Rugby League and Super Rugby. Place an Australian Rules Football Wager now!

But whichever Football league you follow, Football Wagers always involve analyzing which team has the better chance of winning. And in the case of Soccer, whether a match would end in a "Draw".

With hundreds of games among the numerous Football leagues played throughout the year, you’ll surely enjoy your Football Wagers! So wager on your favorite team or player now!

Wager on your favorite Football (Soccer), American Football or Australian Football team now!